Why Jillian’s Cut? The sparkle is what has fascinated us most about diamonds over the years. What attracts us the most is the brilliancy, the intense fire and sparkle. This is achieved by having the perfectly proportioned diamond…The Jillian’s Cut Diamond.

Their master cut diamond cutters takes a rough uncut diamond and analyze it to see how it should be cut so it has maximum brilliancy and sparkle.

Best of all, this is not some new trendy cut, in fashion today and out of fashion tomorrow. This is the traditional round brilliant cut used for decades. Now cut to perfection!

The Jillian’s Cut Diamond has its own manufacturing facilities in Antwerp, Belgium where expert craftsmen analyze the diamond in the rough using state of the art technology releasing the exceptional fire and sparkle of the stone. Perfection in cutting is only achieved with the proportions found in a Jillian’s Cut Diamond.